Church Bizarre- Sic Luceat Lux 2 x CD on Hells Headbangers

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The final death breath from the temple of Church Bizarre. This deluxe 32 track double CD set includes all recorded demo and EP material to date as well as tons of bonus material. Good sounding live tracks, unreleased Nunslaughter cover and rehearsal demos for the second and never recorded album - it's all included here along with a few other surprises (does NOT include their debut album "Sinister Glorification"). Comes in HIGH QUALITY PACKAGING and includes tons of photos from all eras of Church Bizarre. A fucking massive overdose of Bizarre, catchy, filthy and fucking Evil black/death metal with a vengeance! "From the river of Styx to the womb of judgement". Booklet features a nice metallic silver foil stamping.