Code Of Lies- The Age Of Disgrace MCD on Grindhead Rec.

$ 8.00

Hailing from Orange in NSW, Code of Lies play a modern style of groove-laden, hybrid technical death/grind drawing influences from a wide range of extreme metal genres. The Age of Disgrace contains a dynamic mix of guttural lows and raging high vocals backed with thick, intricate guitar work and blasting drums that hit harder than a spinkick to the face. Code of Lies balance the level of technical ability of bands like Cephalic Carnage and Psyopus with the sheer intense aggression of Nasum and Pig Destroyer influenced grindcore and the complex sense of melody and groove from Between the Buried and Me and The Haunted. With The Age of Disgrace as an extremely impressive debut, Code of Lies have established them as a new talent to watch out for in the Australian extreme scene.