Corpse Grinder / Cancerbero / Hellfire- Split CD

$ 10.00

3 ancient death metal bands from Chile released their demo's back in 1989/90/92. Released by Proselytism. Highly recommended Cancerbero is a Death Metal band from Concepcion,Chile originally formed in 1987 by vocalist Peter and split-up in 1994 with 2 demos recorded before that (Guardian of Hell in 1988 & Perpetual Agony -1991). Both demos received great acceptation from bangers and zines of that time and played with the best Death Metal bands in Chile such as: Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell, Torturer...and more. Hellfire - Born in Santiago, Chile in the early 90's with the intention of recreating the hardest and most brutal European thrash metal, like Celtic Frost, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator and Death. The idea was to recover the easy and powerful compositions that nurtured Thrash Metal from its beginning. Bored of Death Metal (in vogue during those days) and the same monotonous and 'noisy' riffs, they decided to take the harder go against the flow. Includes a logo sticker from each band! A must!!