Corpsefucking Art- Splatterphobia CD on Comatose Music

$ 10.00

Corpsefucking Art are the demented, juggling jester in the court of an insane king and ‘Splatterphobia’ is some of the most powerful and accomplished music ever to crawl from the dark dungeons of brutal death metal. With a strong line-up that includes Mario Di Giambattista (Devangelic & Vulvectomy), and the historical founding member Andrea Corpse, the band stands ready to unearth their filthy and savage traditional sound strongly influenced by Cannibal Corpse (Barnes era), Incantation and Deicide. Artwork once again by the talented Chris Moyen, who has been the band’s trademark for years, creating his extravagant character “Mr. Daisy”. With their barbarous bludgeoning wrapped in barbed wire humor, Corpsefucking Art leave their victims laughing at their own demise as they bleed out in the gutter, hogtied in their own entrails. ‘Splatterphobia’ is not for the faint of heart or the sound of mind – but if you’re ready to follow the jester, he’ll have you laughing and dancing all the way to your coffin.