Corpsickle- Zombie CD on Grindhead Records

$ 10.00

The macabre mad-men from Grindhead Records have pulled out their rusty hooks and chains and have violently dragged their festering cadavers known as Corpsickle from their putrid crypts in order to reanimate their lifeless bodies and once again unleash their terrorising carnage that is their debut full length album, "Zombie". Since the split CD with Roadside Burial, Corpsemaster General and the Zombie Of Necrophilia have expanded the flesh eating hoard by adding the Master of Maggot Mayhem on drums and Inconspicuous Undead Dude on bass. Now bolstering their fully solid blood soaked line up featuring members of Bludgeoner, Miscreation and Backyard Mortuary. Corpsickle have refined, tightened and injected a huge bottom end, beefing up their brand of Zombie infatuated death metal. Spilling out such repulsive toxic tracks as Defiler Of The Dead, We Will Eat You and the distastefully perverted Proctologist Of The Dead. On Zombie, Corpsickle have captured the old school mid paced catchy riffage of Bolt Thrower and Grave, meshed it with gore drenched sickness of Carcass and Impetigo then topped it off with the sinister and haunting feel of Incantation and Autopsy with just a hint of Cannibal Corpse styled brutality. So, get ready for your limbs to be routinely removed from your body, your guts to be gobbled with gusto and your brains to be completely devoured!