Crypticus / Cropsy Maniac- Cryptmania Split CD on Cavernous Rec.

$ 12.00

January 2024 not only brings about our 50th release, but also the triumphant return to the label of both CROPSY MANIAC and CRYPTICUS. Having released the most recent CD’s from both bands, Cavernous is proud to welcome them back for a slaughterous split release. Both bands have laid down tracks which rip, slash and tear through the most blood drenched death/grind imaginable.!

1. Dungeons Of Harrow
2. Abominous Formication
3. Laboratorium (Waltz)
4. The Glacial Moon
5. In Foulness Enshrined

6. The Blades Are Calling
7. Irascible
8. Cryptmania
9. Trap Door Trophies
10. The Curse Of Kandar
11. The Burned