Day Of Doom- The Gates Of Hell CD on Lavadome Prod.

$ 11.00

"The Gates Of Hell" has been unleashed to mercilessly blast and slam the listener back to a time when Death Metal records had personality, when Death Metal dwelled in the underground and was sounding hostile and disturbing to the unprepared ears. Death Metal wasn't for everyone, it needed effort and time to get into it. This is the message and attitude that still prevail with "The Gates Of Hell".

Fans of Suffocation, Morhpheus Descends, Skeleton Of God, Entorturement get ready to be thrown into a grinding and twisting abyss. Songwriting resulting in tormenting and thrashing NYDM heaviness, severe rhythmics, impressive soloing and ungodly atmospheric parts, which echo the hellish vibe of classic American death metal albums, shall be expected. Once again, in the authentic, Day Of Doom delivery.