Diftery- Trepa/Nation CD on Amputated Vein Records

$ 11.00

After 5 years of long ominous silence DIFTERY is finally back!!! One of the most talented deathmetallers from middle European area prepared to rupture your tympanic membrane with apocalyptic manifest entitled "TREPA-NATION". They essentially modified their US brutal death metal face to more progressive, more complex and more melodic ways, still retained the same brutal and uncompromising attributes which appeared in debut album "Corrupting The Evolution". Important personal change of guitarist-composer reflected great effects on their songs very well. Diftery shows you something completely new, death metal on highest technical level with precious instrumental interpretation but with easy listening songwriting way at the same time. Highly recommended for fans of Decrepit Birth, Necrophagist and Nile... SICK, GET THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!