Disloyal- Godless CD on Ghastly Music

$ 12.00

"Godless" the 4th full length revolutionaly album of Polish Death metal Maniacs Disloyal!  Precision, speed, tech, intelligence, Brutality, atmoshphere, everything that real death metal needs here!!  And what's most important, passion and evotion to this music.  10 Killing and devastating tracks full of anti-religious lyrics, massive and mind-blowing guitar riffs, aggressive, facst and groovy drums, fat and bulldozer bass sounds, and omnifarious vocals including growles, screams and clean.  Featuring members of Thy Disease and Deathbringer and gust musicians from Masachist, Yattering and Azarath.  For fans of classica Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Immolation, Death etc..