Empheris / Cryptic Rites- Netherworld Emission Split CD on Psych

$ 10.00

EMPHERIS and CRYPTIC RITES entitled "Netherworld Emissions". The contents of the split can be described with one sentence: POLISH NECROTHRASHING METAL OF DEATH. In addition to their own tracks, specially for this split, the bands recorded covers of such groups as SODOM, DEATH, or DARKTHRONE. Due to the fact that nowadays emerge many projects whose work consists of only clicks, cracks, samples, and other strange sounds that are intentional, such noises have become an inspiration for the two above bands and they decided on this split, at the end of every track, to use effects that aim at reminding the listener the sounds caused by transistors in old cassette players while recording tapes. Here's no place for beautiful, polished sounds. What you are going to find here is only METAL and HELL!