Excommunicated- Skeleton Key CD on UW Records

$ 10.00

Underworld Records has set August 15th as the date on which EXCOMMUNICATED debut album Skeleton Key will be unleashed. Compositionally dynamic, atmospherically insidious, and impossible to forget, this is Louisiana blackened death that lacerates the soul and burns into the brain. A dark treatise on the medieval Catholic Church, Skeleton Key is that rare metal album on which the lyrics (available upon request) are every bit as important as the music to the overall experience. A product of the combined influences of vocalist Chad Kelly (ex-CATHOLICON Underworld Records), guitarist/bassist Jason McIntyre (ex-SUTURE), guitarist/bassist Jonathan Joubert (PSYCHOMETRY, ex-DESPONDENCY), and session drummer David Kinkade (BORKNAGAR, ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION, ex-ARSIS), EXCOMMUNICATED brings a new level of sonic terror on Skeleton Key. Also featuring guest appearances by guitarist Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND, X-WORLD 5) and vocalist Vincent Crowley (ACHERON, WOLFEN SOCIETY), this one is destined to