EXHUMATION- Sin Of Skin CD on Sevared Rec. OUT NOW!!!

$ 10.00

LIMITED EDITION RELEASE!!!  Exhumation bring you 5 tracks of straight up death metal containing blastbeats, gutterals and crushing riffs with added slam groove.  Exhumation are Chris Furlong on Vocals, Cam Devon and Ste Moses on Guitars, Karl Scahill on Drums and Ryan O'Quigley on Bass.  These five individuals together make Sin of Skin sound brutal with their heavy low-end yet tight guitars, along with fast blastbeats and kicks. All of this topped off with old school Suffocation/Morbid Angel vocals mixed in with gutterals.  Exhumation combine a variety of styles in each of their songs, using Brutal Death/Slam elements as well as some Black metal and Thrash to create a fairly unique sound making each track stand out.  Sin of Skin includes four official EP tracks and one bonus demo track that will feature on the band's upcoming debut album that is set for a release around mid 2018"  Get your copy NOW!!!