Exit Wounds- 17 Wounds Of Exit CD on No Escape Records

$ 9.00

Out now on No Escape is ?17 Wounds Of Exit?, the debut release from the ravaging new Polish blast unit, EXIT WOUNDS! No frills, no subtlety, no fucking around? just straight up hyper aggressive PURE GRINDCORE!!! This is the stuff that?s been lacking for so long, raw and chaotic old school grind that doesn?t veer into noisecore territory, yet is still completely unhinged, enraged and deranged! 17 explosions of total grinding savagery mixing the drilling riff attack of Looking For An Answer, the shattering blast battery of Retaliation, the frantic lunacy of Cripple Bastards and the earliest razorgrind output of Leng Tch?e with the primitive rawness of old Regurgitate and the crustified hardcore of Dropdead and Disrupt!! Exit Wounds infiltrate and evacuate in just ten minutes on this frenzied assault mission amidst a hail of blastbeats and shrieks of terror and panic to unload this clusterbomb of lethal grind set for immediate detonation and maximum casualties, so take cover because the guerilla grind assault is upon us!!!