Extreme Deformity- Internal CD on Never Heard Distro

$ 10.00

The "Internal" tape, which was released in 1993, was the first official Hungarian Brutal Death Metal / Grind material. Although the tape had a great success and many copies were sold, the CD version couldn't be realized at that time due to the label's breakdown. Now, after 18 years, the time has come to make this awesome material, that has since then reached a cult status, finally available on CD. One song was left out from the tape version, which was meant to be a bonus on the CD version. Of course this song also made it onto this version together with the band's "Demo 1992" demo as bonus. The whole material will be remastered and will be released with a new cover as well. 15 tracks in 60 minutes.. 1.000 copies were pressed. Pro-pressed CD with eight pages glossy colour cover including lyrics and two sided inlay card for jewel case. Relentlessly mandatory release for every old school Brutal Death Metal fanatic!