Fecalizer / Cuntscrape- Split Cd on Prime Cuts

$ 10.00

CUNTSCRAPE return with their 5th piece of purile perversity and joining them in the orgy of filth are those goregrinding Mexican motherfuckers FECALIZER! Featuring 4 new slabs of slutiness, Cuntscrape barrel their way through a splurge of pure meat hole grinding goodness. As a bonus they have recorded 3 covers including a General Surgery masterpiece and a cover of the Pungent Stench classic 'Viva La Muerte' featuring & guesting none other than El Cochino (Pungent Stench) himself!!! FECALIZER turn up the notch on their side of the split with a heavy dose of cranial crushing, rectal ripping hymns of unholy fecalizing terror. If you like you sonic shit brutal, fast & chaotic, then Fecalizer will tear your arsehole inside out.