Fecundation / Invictus- Split CD on Obliteration Rec.

$ 10.00

Korean Techical / Brutal Death Metal vs Japanese Death Metal
Featuring brand new 4 songs / 13 min. Korean Industrial Brutal Death Metal Working

from 2013, FECUNDATION
US BLUTHAL Death Metal While following the genealogy of the genre of Asian bands unique and technical guitar play.
Recording 2 new songs of 2016 recording Recorded a

young death metal band from Nagano who has been active since 2015, INVICTUS In
between the old school and the brutal that is reminiscent of the US series death metal in the mid 90's, there is something in common with FECUNDATION
Includes two new songs of 2016 recording that mixes some technical guitar play and develops deep metal of bones.