Fetid Zombie- Carrion Christ CD on Deathrash Armageddon

$ 10.00

Mark Riddick is also very well known as death metal illustrator, but his band Fetid Zombie is also great putrid art of Death!! This is the 3rd full album. 1st and 2nd albums were more like gore/brutal death style, but this new album is pretty different with those previous albums. I feel more his "roots", like influence from Necrophagia, early Death, Autopsy, etc. No more full blast beat, No more gore/brutal death style growings, but more thrashy riffs and vocals. Sometime even very "heavy Metal" guitar works. Highly recomended for old thrash maniaks who likes those early american deathrash/death metal. Featuring guest appearances by Don of the Dead(Nunslaughter),