Gloom Warfare- Post Apocalyptical Downfall CD

$ 10.00

„Post Apocalyptical Downfall“ provides a new meaning to industrial inspired Death Metal which couldn’t sound more dominant, more punishing or heavier. During almost 75 minutes Gloom Warfare manages to abduct the listener into a world of total destruction and absolute chaos. Guitars sounding like a tank driving through the ruins of an eradicated society. Industrialised drums providing the rythm of the nuclear overkill. Vocals that may come straight from humankinds grave. Gloom Warfare isn’t comparable to nowadays Death Metal at all but sets a new standard in terror and delivers the soundtrack fort he decline of us all. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your gasmasks and celebrate as long as you can! Recommanded for fans of GODFLESH's Streetcleaner Style: Industrial Death Metal