Glorious Times- Compilation 1 CD on CDN Records

$ 11.00

    RIP BRIAN!!!!
  1. Cannibal Corpse – The Undead Will Feast
  2. Massacre – From Beyond (2021 Version)
  3. Acheron – Prayer From Hell (Recorded 1992)
  4. The Vincent Crowley Band – Farewell (At Death’s Door) Recorded 2020
  5. Anthropic – Generation Lockdown (Feat. Kam Lee)
  6. Hideous Mangleus – Deadtime (Recorded 1991)
  7. Broken Hope – Chemically Castrated
  8. Deceased – Mrs. Allardyce (2022 Remix)
  9. Derkéta – Witchburned
  10. Revenant – Infinite Reality
  11. Lethal Aggression – Metallic Rage (Live 1986)
  12. Insanity – Spawn
  13. Master – Vindictive Miscreant
  14. Wehrmacht – Napalm Shower
  15. Nunslaughter – Red Is The Colour of Ripping Death
  16. Slaughter – Tortured Souls

The loss of my brother Brian was a very tough thing for me. He opened my mind to exploring music. We would always talk about music. My brother loved the underground metal scene and the death metal scene he helped build; the famous Day of Death concert he put on with Joe Pristach, his fanzine Chainsaw Abortions, and of course his and Allen Moses’ Glorious Times.

When my brother passed I could not imagine all his life’s work ending. He would always say how he wanted to put together a Glorious Times compilation album. So after a conversation with Kam Lee, it became clear to me I had to try and make the GT album a reality. But in no way do I want to profit off my brother’s legacy. So anything I do in honor of Brian, including the sale of this CD, all profit will be donated to Roswell Park Cancer Center.

My brother did many amazing things, but one of the best things he did was putting on benefit shows to help people in the scene dealing with personal tragedies or illnesses. He was also known as the Fuck Cancer guy. This album is for my big brother Brian Pattison. I miss and love you, Brian. Till we meet up again.

Matthew Pattison