Gorephagia / Beautician- Split CD on Brutalized Rec.

$ 11.00

GOREPHAGIA (Ex-Intestinal Infection) is an Ecuadorian (South America) band which is surprising the world with its corrosive and dirty Brutal Death/Grind sound, unstoppable drum`s blast beats, guttural and sick voices, and dense and sawing riffs; such an ensemble will make your brain decompose in extreme pure sickness! If you are a real fan of bands such as DISGORGE (Mex) or CARNAL (Col), without doubt GOREPHAGIA will let you more than satisfied. BEAUTICIAN is a english band with an anihilator, sick, and fast Brutal Death-Grind, and with cuts at the best Mortician style. They have different kinds of ultra-sick voices, and sarcastic lyrics inspired by vanity, fashion and brutality (Wow!?).