Hog Caller / Headcrash- Split CD on Last House On The Right Rec.

$ 6.00

HOG CALLER / HEADCRASH - Split CD released by Last House On The Right (HAUS 022), Millersville, PA, USA August 2005. Eleven AUDIO ASSAULTS of drum machine driven hardcore GRIND thrash death-core!!! HOG CALLER hail from the Three Mile Island infected wasteland of Middletown, Pennsylvania and play radioactive grinding thrash that feature the talents of EXIT-13 / PICA guitarist Steve O'D... HEADCRASH is the hardcore punk /grind anarchism of AN*L PENETRATION guitarist Nydoom that feature the scathing vocal onslaught of both F.U.B.A.R. and SUPPOSITORY vocalists... 10,000 mph grind slaughter!!! GUARANTEED TOTAL GRIND DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR NU-METAL MALL-CORE WEAKENERS!!!! Mastered by Scott Hull of PIG DESTROYER / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED for that added "uummpphh"!!! SOUNDS KILLER!!! This is total evacuation warning ULTRA-FAST, punishing, radioactive blasting, blurrr-core toxic grind thrash for fans of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, BRUTAL TRUTH, AxPx, AxCx, SARCOPHAGA CARNARIA, fastcore, power violence, death metal. ACT FAST as you will NEVER find this one at the local Mall!