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Finally available again, the Debut full Length CD of Ultra Brutal Death Metal from Italy!!! Italy has always been a country where the brutal Death Metal tradition has never been strong, but since some years ago, specially after NATRON arose in the scene, it seems like more bands are emerging on this camp. HOUR OF PENANCE are actually the best example, and together with them we could add bands like NEFAS, MINDSNARE, BASTARD SAINTS or NECROSPHERE to name a few. After an impressive debut demo in 2000 and a not less brutal split 7“EP with CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM, this young foursome impress, from the first listening, with their swirling Death Metal influenced by the most representative bands from the beginning of the millennium. Taking the best elements from bands such as HATE ETERNAL, NILE, MISERY INDEX and even GORGASM... HOUR OF PENANCE are firm candidates to stablish themselves amongst the elite of European brutal Death. “Disturbance” is the proof!! GET THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!