IMPALED DIVINITY- S/t & Heretical Emanation 2 CD Package on Sevared Rec.

$ 19.00

Get both of these great new brutal death release together!

For the EP:
Introducing a new project of sheer guttural slamming brutality. This release is packed with 9 tracks of pure gore-soaked mayhem. Gritty, raw and cacophonous. For fans of Putrid Pile, Torsofuck and Heinous Killings.

For the demo:
Impaled Divinity returns with a demo featuring 4 tracks of guttural slamming death metal. This demo is composed of chainsaw-chugging guitars, machine gun drum tracks and phlegmy, belching vocals. For fans of Malodorous, Guttural Slug and No One Gets Out Alive.