INSIDIOUS TORTURE- Lust And Decay MCD on Sevared Rec.

$ 8.00

Sevared Records is very proud to announce the signing of Australia's newest and most Brutal Guttural Death Metal / Grind band out today! Influenced by Violence, Death, Horror, Porn, Depravity etc. Insidious Torture strive to Acheive Violent and Brutal Death Metal. Their music is harsh, fast, Brutal, uncompromisingly dark w/ disturbing lyrical content and sickening Imagery! Amazing sick cover art by Phlegeton!! This crushing Debut release features members from Legendary bands Abremelin, Sadistik Exekution, Blood Duster, Destroyer 666 Grave Temple, & Terrorust! Be on the lookout for this masterpiece along w/ full color shirts out this summer! With a full length to follow in 2011!!! FUCKING SICK!! 18+