INSISION- 15 Years Of Exaggerated Torment DOUBLE CD

$ 12.00

This year 2012! will be 15 years since Sweden's Insision was formed. Sevared Records & Insision are proud to release an early collection of old tacks from their first demo “Meant To Suffer” 1998 plus their second live appearance from 98 “Live Like A Worm” their Mcd 99 “The Dead Live On”, and most brutal demo ever made “Promo 2000”, “Revelation Of The SadoGod” Demo 2001 plus a newly recorded track of an old song. Altogether it will be about 23 tracks of Brutal Death Metal on one CD. Once again Insision and the sound engineer Anders Eriksson “Off Beat” Studio will work together on this cd. The release date is planned to may this year. Insision are pleased to release this CD for Sevared Records and in full writing for their next, yet untitled full length CD planned to be released on Sevared Records later this year. INSISION: “The new material sounds like a mix of the complex stuff we did on our first record “Beneath the Folds of Flesh” back in 2001 along with rhythm parts that can be explained with a more darker approach. We don't want our listeners to wait too long for a new record; therefore we'll release this collection for the fans that are into Brutal Death Metal. Hope it's worth the wait. Stay tuned….” GET THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!