Into Darkness- S/T MCD on Hellthrasher Prod.

$ 10.00

Italian female-fronted death/doom metal outfit in the vein of early Asphyx and Derketa. 4 crushing tracks combining the claustrophobic atmosphere with haunting riffs and the lyrical concept about the cosmic disasters and astronomy. “Into Darkness’ eponymous demo is a merciless onslaught of dirty, sewer-dwelling riffs, ragged howls and searing solos.” (Iron Fist Magazine # 2, december 2012) “A gradual descent into a claustrophobic black pit of doom[...]The 2012 demo from Into Darkness is one of the best death/doom releases of 2012.” (No Clean Singing) “INTO DARKNESS play beautiful Doom Death Metal that fans of Derketa and Asphyx just have to love!” (NecroSlaughter) “Probably one of the brightest hopes of the revival of old school death/doom.” – 82/100 (Lacerated Metal) “Into Darkness are a very great sounding doom/death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this ep.” (Doomed To Darkness) “This self-titled demo 2012 is a violent blow in the face.” (Son of Flies) “We are faced with a really good debut that deserves the success at the international level” – 77/100 (Empire of Death) “Into Darkness offers a very true attitude to the genre, whose members have captured a clear vision of what they touch and if you’re a fan of this genre this EP has to come to your dirty ears!” – 9.5/10 (Nihilist)