Kill The Scream Queen- DVD 18+

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You must be 18 or older to purchase this DVD!! Inspired by real experiences of girls who had responded to ads that seemed legitimate, but ended up being nothing more than a pervert's scam, 'Kill the Scream Queen' follows a movie maker who posts ads on the internet for girls to be in a 'snuff' ... Full Descriptionfilm. It's a great opportunity for girls who have not appeared in any movies yet. This is going straight to DVD and the 'director' promises that the performances are going to be legendary. One by one, the girls who audition do not act on their suspicions. Their desire to get a big break in the industry makes them overlook the obvious signs that something is very wrong. Director Bill Zebub continues to incite with this low-budget horror flick designed to make fun of the genre it participates in. He also stars, though hidden behind his Gwar-style mask for most of the film, playing a sadist who entices upstart female nude models on the internet, telling them he will make them famous if they star in his fake snuff film. When these ambitious young things eventually find themselves tied to a cross in an empty strip club, menaced, raped, and tortured by the masked Zebub, they soon recognize the snuff film is for real. Garish gore and bad acting characterize this below B-grade flick, but its sure to appeal to metalheads, fans of the genre, and Bill Zebub loyalists. This is the only Rachel Degenaro video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Rachelle Plaster, Heather Taylor, Deborah Dutch.