Last Days Of Humanity / Pornocaust- Split CD on Gore Cannibal Rec.

$ 12.00

Last Days Of Humanity from Holland with 5 blasting goregrind songs and Warscars from France with 5 ultra fast grindcore songs on a limited edition to split shape CD. Also a limited edition shape disc will be released of this with 2 bonus tracks of each band, including a Regurgitate cover by LDOH. All was recorded live ar “Rennes In Blood” on Novemer 8th, 2003.

01     –Last Days Of Humanity     Decrepitated Regurgitations In Foetal Leprosy     2:58
02     –Last Days Of Humanity     Postmortem Transformation     0:46
03     –Last Days Of Humanity     Putrefactive Liquids *bonus     3:24
04     –Last Days Of Humanity     Cyst-Eater *(Regurgitate cover)     2:14
05     –Last Days Of Humanity     Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover)     0:26
06     –Pornocaust     Royal Cunnilingus (2 Minuta Dreka cover)     2:27
07     –Pornocaust     The Agoreaphobic Cadaver (Disgorged Fetus cover)     1:14
08     –Pornocaust     Aduana Rectal *bonus     2:06
09     –Pornocaust     Chingo de Mecos (Brujeria Cover)     1:11
10     –Pornocaust     One (Metallica Cover)     1:49