Loudblast- Burial Ground DIGI-CD on Listenable Rec.

$ 12.00

LOUDBLAST are legends in the French and worldwide underground scene, end of story. Not only because they started off as far as 1985 when the words ‘death metal’ were barely invented… Or because of their Scott Burns-produced masterpieces "Disincarnate" (1991) or "Sublime Dementia" (1993) or European tours with DEATH or CORONER. No, if this lot led by founding member and guitarist/vocalist Stéphane Buriez are so revered in their home-country, it’s first and foremost because of their unrivalled career that saw them taking many surprising and risky left-turns without ever looking back. "Burial Ground" also their first record released through the LISTENABLE imprint. A new partnership that will enable them to tour Europe (and beyond!) and conquer a brand new audience, as soon as they’ve wrapped their upcoming extensive headlining French tour . So forget everything you think you knew about LOUDBLAST and get ready to enter this "Burial Ground" ! (Olivier Badin – February 2014) For fans of : DEATH , CELTIC FROST & early 90s Death Metal !