Mass Killings / Open Flesh Wound- Double Homicide Split CD on Cavernous Rec.

$ 12.00

A slamming death monster of a split, featuring Mass Killings – the new old school brutal slamming death metal project from Tom Hughes (Blood Rage / Crypt Rot / Flax) with vocals from Chris Mathis (A Pretext To Human Suffering / Defleshed And Gutted) and Open Flesh Wound – slamming brutal death metal from Pennsylvania.

Featuring the following tracks:

Mass Killings– Bodies In The Basement
Mass Killings– The Joyous Sounds Of Cracking Skulls On Concrete Blocks
Mass Killings– Forensic Disposal
Open Flesh Wound– Esophagus Fleshlight
Open Flesh Wound– The Scent Of The Decayed
Open Flesh Wound– Fuck I Forgot To Buy Lye
Open Flesh Wound– Entrail Smorgasbord