Meat Spreader- Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh CD on Obliteration Rec.

$ 10.00

Jaro and Tocha of ex DEAD INFECTION come back !!
Skull crushing old school Gore Grind blow your brains out.
Their debut 5 trax CD Activate

since 1990 Goa Grind from Poland, the initial guitar list of DEAD INFECTION, Jaro formed as a charismatic entity as a natural gore vocal with no effect in the name plate "A Chapter of Accidents" remaining in Tocha and Goa Grind History formed Gore Grinding Band

sound is a goal grind that inherits DEAD INFECTION Currently mainstream pitch shift Vocal Mosch Goa as a stronger element as a grind core
early school style Early CARCASS as well as NAPALM DEARH, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, TERRORIZER etc Legends & classic sounds It is an inherited grind core.Debute
mini album with 5 songs

Jaro, Tocha (ex-Dead Infection)
Arthur (Squash Bowels )
Radek (The Dead Goats, ex-Neuropathia )