MOUTHING THE OFFAL- Transgender Defunct CD on Sevared Records OUT NOW!!!

$ 10.00

Highly anticipated debut full length CD of Ultra Brutal Guttural Death Metal from the USA.  "If you're into dark, twisted shit.  Here you go... 17 tracks of nightmarish tales, music comprised of odd timed riffage and constant twists.  This bass heavy, clear and filthy mix drives forward with gutturals fitting to the madness.  To visualize this constant nightmare, just open the booklet. Songs short and sour, with a running time of about 35 minutes.   Coming from the various dumpsters in the Midwest, this is something that comes with a sort of stench, that can make some uneasy..."  Featuring members of Syphilic, Mutilated, Intestinal Alien Reflux, etc...  GET THIS NOW!!!