Nashgul- El Dia Despues Al Fin Dea La Humanidad CD on P.I.U. Rec

$ 10.00

It seems like grind bands are a dime a dozen these day, and a lot of them sound alike or are just plain mediocre. Out of all the grindcore bands that I've heard lately, Nashgul definitely stands out as one that isn't afraid to stray from the stereotypical barrage of blasts beats and unintelligible guitar. This is one of those albums that you put on and all your friends say "whoa, who the fuck is this?" There is an obvious death metal influence here. The vocals range from piercing high screeches, to low Mesrine-esque growls, along with layered and call and answer dual vocal sections. What I think really separates these guys from other grind bands is the guitar: it isn't an onslaught of noise oriented chords structured in a "fit as many notes as possible into a 30 second song." There is a noticeable melody and structure to Nashgul's songs, which gives them an appeal to lovers of grind and death metal across the board. This lets you hear the progression of Nashgul's sound without having to keep switching records. If you like death metal and you like grind, buy this album and get blown away. 19 tracks, combining the best elements of Nasum,old Carcass, Terrorizer and Looking For An Answer. One of the best grindcore bands out there right now... By the way, the bands is on tour in september, so check it out. AWESOME!!!