Necrorite- in Death's Certitude CD

$ 10.00

Formed by Uriel Aguillon (Gutwrench, Morbicus) in the beginning of 2013, Necrorite?s asset of vicious, filthy-ridden, tenebrous and gloriously decaying Death Metal shall appeal to those addicted to all things rotten and damn-smelling, much in the vein of the early offerings from acts such as Incantation, Autopsy, Immolation, Grave, Anatomia and Funebre. "In death?s certitude" features stellar guest appearances by Takashi Tanaka (Anatomia, Transgressor, Wormridden, Necrophile), Vanessa Nocera (Howling, Skeletal Spectre, Wooden Stake, Scaremaker), Rubens Nergal (Ominous Crucifix), Joel Bagley (Orloff), Tony Proffer (Howling) and Erman NuclearHell (Morbus Grave). Debut full-length CD coming out through Memento Mori in 2014!!!