Necrotized- Apocalypse Conception CD on Disembowel Records

$ 12.00

The Long-Awaited Debut Album by Indonesian Brutality band Necrotized. The band goes for all out brutality and speed, presents you the apocalypse, they don’t write hooks, melodic leads, or clever riffs. Likewise, they’re not out to impress with extremely demanding playing. Their songs are fast, but performed with a charming confidence, Necrotized make it all look easy. A 'Must have', featuring several guest vocalist like Robbe K (Disavowed), Lorenzo Orru (Natrium/Posthuman Abomination) &amp; Angel Ochoa (Cephalotripsy / Disgorge). Disappointed with the recent BDM album which looks similar each others? Well 'Apocalypse Conception' has you covered and Indobrut fanatics should be primed to blast and brawl with this latest slab of top shelf brutality. Mastered by Robbe K at AudioVisualZ.<br />This album is an excellent work of Indonesian Brutality troopers and is worthy of being in every extreme metal album collection.