Neuropath- At Damnation's Core Discography CD on Sphere Of Appiration Rec.

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Sphere of Apparition Records is proud to unveil our second Australian Extreme Metal Re-issue - NEUROPATH – 'At Damnation’s Core'. Early Australian Brutal Death Metal Malevolence Reissued and Mastered onto CD for the first time. OUT 17-NOV-23.


A copulation of insanity borne by five teenagers from Sydney with an adept ability to forge crushing Death Metal. Two demos illustrated a world of promise, before vanishing into obscurity. “At Damnation’s Core” announces Neuropath’s Vulgar Rebirth.


Sometime around 1993, in the halls of Cromer Highschool on Sydney’s Northern beaches, Neuropath was conceived. Between 1995 and 1996 Neuropath documented two demo cassettes; firstly, “Nefarious Vivisection” followed by “Desert of Excruciation”. “Nefarious Vivisection” acted as a purging of their earlier material but epitomized the uncompromisingly raw and brutal edge of mid 90’s Death Metal, abetted by the fact it was released unmastered. “Desert of Excruciation”, released via Australia’s legendary Warhead Records and again unmastered, saw Neuropath traversing towards a tighter and more technical style of Death Metal.

“At Damnation’s Core” compiles both demos together, mastered for the first time by Dredged Oblivion.


The “At Damnation’s Core” CD package includes an 8-page booklet comprising band photos, lyrics and detailed linear notes of Neuropath’s history authored by guitarist and founding member Daniel Stubbs.


Twisted notes of agony, a burning death for infinity….Neuropath!

***This is an official release***


CD Limited to 300 copies