Noizer- Grindcorelements DIGI-CD on Grindpromotion

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NOIZER was 1997 when it were created for the first time: Pitale(vocals), Riccardo "Dr Noizer"(bass) and Gianluca(drums). After one year or so Gianluca left the project them Giovanni took over. Also around the same time the band found their first guitar player: Fasano. This line-up didn't last very long though.. After 10 years of silence Noizer raised their voice again: Pietro, Riccardo"Dr Noizer" and Fasano took the project back to life also by recruiting Cristian(drums), Gux(vocals) and Giorgioni(guitar). The writing process went quickly. The band performed live and started getting ready for the studio, which they entered in March of the same year. What they came up with is nothing less than pure grindcore motivated by big friendship. SICK DISC!!!!!