NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM- S/T CD on United Underground Rec.

$ 10.00

NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM was formed in the frozen wastes of Rochester New York in 2010 by veteran Bassist Danny Lilker to pay homage to the best of the 2nd wave of Black Metal. Lilker soon enlisted a cadre of like-minded blasphemers to round out the lineup, and after a year of writing and playing together, NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM are proud to finally unleash their full-length debut on United Underground Records!! The self-titled album features 41 minutes of ripping Scandinavian-inspired Black Metal. From the epic Burzum-esque "Eternal Wasteland" to the Dissection-Meets-Nazxul attack of "Lacerated Dawn" this album is a must-have for any fan of true Black Metal!!! Prepare to get frostbitten!!!