OF ANTIQUITY- Nocturnal Grind CD

$ 10.00

Of Antiquity’s debut album Nocturnal Grind is a unique blend of orchestral sounding, grindy metal music mixed with heavy a death metal vocals and a pinch of black metal thrown in for fun. Satanic and psychotic lyrics from the demonic sounding Jeremy Urgo , are coupled with the superb writing genius of Keith Rogge on guitars, one who knows what dark ominous metal sounds like. Willie Herron and Adam Wargo of Flybait are two great drummers that can also be heard here... Along with Marko James of Black Rainbow, and the ancient metal band Morticia on the bass this group is formidable. The recordings were made at the famous Back Alley Studios owned by Marko James in South Minneapolis, the same studio that has produced albums for Impaler, Arcana, Arc Angel and Autonomy. If your familiar with any of those four great Minnesota gems you know the quality of sound is going to be there. Make no mistake this is without a doubt the most brutal sounding Back Alley Studios project to date. The band has been recording on and off for nearly three years to complete the first finished work. A unique niche album from a great bunch of master metalheads, and definitely music the wipe the smile off of anybodies face, Nocturnal Grind makes it’s debut exclusively distributed by Sevared Records!!