Oros- Goreography Vol. 1 DOUBLE CD on Gore Cannibal Rec.

$ 13.00

Sick Double disc discography of crushing grindcore for Slovakia, Very Limited

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-9 taken from 'Excrete the Cavities' split with Oxidised Razor
Tracks 10-23 taken from 'In the Name of Ping Pong'
Track 24 taken from the 'Bulldozers United' tribute to Cock And Ball Torture
Tracks 25-27 taken from Oros / Decomposing Vomit split
Disc 2:
Tracks 1-3 taken from Oros / Decomposing Vomit split
Tracks 4-9 taken from 'And We All Enjoyied The Ping-Pong Sounds (of Gore)' split with Sperm Of Mankind
Tracks 10-15 taken from the 'Anal Fishfuck' EP
Track 16 taken from the 'Kamikaze Incest' tribute single
Tracks 17-30 taken from 'Stench of Vaginal Liquid on Human Embryo'
Tracks 31-37 taken from the 'Liposuction' demo