PHOBIC- The Holy Deceiver CD on Punishment 18 Rec.

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Phobic, hailing from South Italy, was formed in winter 1997. In August 1998 they recorded a demo with the title “Advanced Tape 1998”. In March 1999 they signed up with the Italian label Elegy Productions and in September 1999 Phobic recorded the full length album “Sick Blemished Uncreation”. The album was officially released in 2001 and is considered a `cult album' by many. After five years and many promo gigs the band split up.In 2003 Harian (vocals & guitar) started the band anew. He was joined by Fabrizio (lead guitar) and the rest of of the lineup from “Sick Blemished Uncreation”.In 2006 Harian's brother Robert (vocals) left the the Italian Death Metal band Horrid in order to join Phobic. Another new memer that joined in 2006 was the drummer Vanny Hate (Mortifier, Buio Omega, Cerebra Infest, Wargore, Onirik, Collapse Within). After a tough selection process Gabriel joined as Phobic's new bassist. Unfortunately after many years of playing in the band Robert “Hammer” had to leave the band for personal reasons. This left Phobic with one band member less who had always supported the band with his Death Metal attitude and his artistic input. In 2009 Jericho (Brainwash, Collapse, Within, Wargore) took over his place in the band and has been Phobic's singer ever since. Amazing mix of Old School Swedish Death Metal with US Death Metal. AWESOME!!!