Porifice- Post Sepsis Syndrome CD on Ghastly Music

$ 12.00

Hailing from Sitzerland, Porifice is raping your mother since 2005.  Digging your children's grave in a negative grind death way.  Don't expect melodic death, symphonic black or technodeath... The one man army Bornyhake Ormeno Rifice Depute with his Morticion Shirt and some Regurgitate tapes on the player.  Driving fast with his truck. 250MPH.  D-Beat blast beats and some slaps on your face seems the law.  Post sepsis syndrome is actually all that happens from 2005-2007.  Call it whatever you want: Beast of Scumpilation, Anthopornology Tatata Teuteuteu. But actually all that silly words to say, Stay Brutal, Stay Sick, Stay Jurassic, Porifice is legion and we are many!!