Posthuman Abomination- Transcending Embodiment CD on Comatose Music

$ 10.00

Extremity has a new face, a new name, a new definition. Pushing against the boundaries of endurance, clawing at the walls of pain… part man, part machine and all monster. From beyond the wastelands that lie at the edge of sanity… Comatose Music welcomes Posthuman Abomination! Bringing together current and ex- members of Devangelic, Natrium, Pit of Toxic Slime and Vomit the Soul (to name a few), Posthuman Abomination is an elite unit of twisted, bludgeoning, blasting, technical death metal destruction poised to unleash their debut full length ‘Transcending Embodiment’. Like a swarm of soulless medical droids gone mad, unemotionally dismantling the human form, rebuilding their creators into hideous parodies of human life… creating a posthuman abomination!