Prejudice- Megalomanic Infest CD on Soulflesh Collector

$ 11.00

Death Metal's most savagely uncompromising sicko's PREJUDICE are back with a NEW album with 2 sick lead singers. Insanely fast, brutal, groove laden and technically beyond compare. PREJUDICE once again raise the benchmark for the extreme with “Megalomanic Infest”. Unmatched in its complexity, brutality and incomprehensible to all but the enlightened. PREJUDICE hierarchical philosophy is emphasized with every blast, every demented lead, every scream and for every second of this nerve-shredding, jaw dropping example of what elite Death Metal music is all about. WELCOME TO THE NEW BREED… Welcome to “MEGALOMANIC INFEST” Recorded at the Excess studio(Gorefest, Severe torture, Disavowed) mixed by Chris Van Der valk for Homegrown recordings (Hail of bullets, Gorefest, Emeth...) and mastered by COLIN DAVIS(VILE, Imperial mastering)