Putrefied Cadaver- Weight Of Massive Shots CD on Ghastly Music

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Putrefied Cadaver is a counterterrorist force at the time of escalation of military conflict in the world.  "Weight Of Massive Shots" is a clip of 9 tracks filled with gunpowder and eager to penetrate the heads of peaceful citizens.  Album's lyrics refer to negative social phenomena the humanity has been experiencing for many centuries during the times of War.  Suffocating sharpness of guitar strings, relentless impact of drumbardment, massive earthguakes caused by Guttural Spewing and bass onslaught create unparalleled visions of self-destruction and motion towards the inevitable evisceration of the world.  PUtrefired Cadaver is an extrem live broadcasting of calamitous attitude towards life through bloodshot eyes.  Debut release of Brutal Death/Grind from Russia