Putrid Death / Putrid- Split CD on Death In Pieces Rec.

$ 11.00

Feat. members from Vorus, Reveler, Cryptic Realms, Infested, Necrotum) SPLIT CD “Rotting While They Breath”. CD in standard jewel case, limited edition to 300 copies.

Tracks 1-4 originally appeared in the "Rotten Stench" EP released digitally by Putrid Death.
Tracks 5-8 originally appeared in the “Execrat Din Mormant” demo tape released by Unholy Domain Records.

Front cover artwork by Jan Pysander Whitney / JDW Death my only friend artworks (Sweden)


Robert García (All instruments)
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Nekryd Studio, in Barcelona, Spain in 2020
All music and lyrics by Robert Garcia

Line up PUTRED:

Exumator – Guitars
Cremator – Vocals / Bass
Degradare Perpetuă – Drums

Guitars, bass and vocals recorded in Transilvania, Romania.
Drums recorded in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.
All music by Exhumator, all lyrics by Cremator.


1. Putrid Death
2. Dark Swamp
3. Rotten Stench
4. Torture

(PUTRED side)
5. Intro / Necroza
6. Devorat de Viermi
7. Execrat din Mormânt
8. Putrezire Cadaverică