Radiation Sickness- Reflections Of A Psychotic Past CD on Abyss

$ 10.00

With “Reflections of a Psychotic Past”, RADIATION SICKNESS Americans released their first studio album after several demos, EPs and splits, other than a compilation work last year. This work also consists of “The Other Me – A Journey Into Insanity”, an EP originally released in 1990 and remastered for the occasion. This quartet of Indianapolis practice a Crossover / / Death / Thrash Metal Aggressive and raw, with a dirty sound that fits perfectly with what we want to achieve. And what they want is nothing to fear at different rates, ie you can enjoy from a cut death metalhead with a blistering pace as in “Tripping in the Seas of Madness”, or listen to a slow and heavy as is “Demented Love Song II – Death Did We Part “. The guitar riffs are generally heavy and serious, with a low battery audible and solid, while the voice of Doug Palmer oozes aggression and hatred in equal measure. RADIATION SICKNESS offer a hearty serving of good songs that make you move and break your neck with the succession of brilliant riffs dripping with all the hate and anger in the world.