Regicide Decease- Anatomy Of Sickness CD on Psycho Rec.

$ 10.00

Old School Brutal Death metal debut album REGICIDE DECEASE called "Anatomy of Sickness". It is located on eleven numbers, including cover TEST FOBII/KREON "The King is dead" with Zbigniew "Zaran" Zaranek on vocals. Cover, inch graphics, layout and images to "Anatomy of Sickness" are the work of PERVERSOR. It can be interesting, that the singer REGICIDE DECEASE is Xaos Oblivion - known from Abusiveness, Demonic Slaughter, Xaos Oblivion, Open Hell, ex-Oblivion, ex-Sytris, ex-Perdition!!! "Anatomy Of Sickness" is almost fifty minutes of music trapped in the American sounds of early nineties. Treat for fans of Chuck Schuldiner's talent, especially from the period of the album "Human", but with deep vocals!!!