Repugnance- Perpetual Deviousness (The Complete Recordings 1991-2001 Vol. 1 CD on Bizarre Leprous Prod.

$ 12.00

Digging deep into the early 90’s scene, Bizarre Leprous Productions is ready to unearth the complete collection of demos, albums, live recordings and previously unreleased stuff by one of the first Death/Grind bands hailing from Spain back in the days: the gore fiends of REPUGNANCE. From 1991 to 2001, 3 demos, an EP and one album (Maximum Perversum, Uxicon records, 2000) were released. Now, all those recordings have been put together with a lot of unreleased songs and remastered to be released as two new albums in the next coming months. REPUGNANCE is also well known as the previous band of some GRUESOME STUFF RELISH members. The founding duo and GSR’s ideologists Deodato and Kemper played together for the first time in the last known REPUGNANCES’s line-up. But also, Miguel and Sergio were eventually recruited as live members during several shows and tours.

Songs 1-3 The Final And Never Released Recordings From 2001
Songs 4-9 The Sadistic Deviousness... (Demo 1993)
Songs 10-13 The Unreleased EP 1994
Songs 14-20 Perpetual Penitence (Demo 1991)