Retaliation- Seven CD on Unique Leader Records

$ 12.00

The incarnation of Modern Brutal Technical Death Metal constantly striving to transcend the inherent boundaries of genre definitions. Founded in 2005, Retaliation has built itself a name by always trying to be out on the road, playing shows known for their high intensity, and taking no prisoners in the process. Their debut album SEVEN - mastered at IGUANA STUDIOS (Necrophagist, Deadborn), Germany's go-to address for Death Metal Brutality - contains 10 highly energetic songs, merging devastating brutality, intelligent lyrics steering clear of genre clich├Ęs, intense drumming, and mind blowing lead guitar work into a sonic assault previously unknown to Brutal Death Metal. Open your mind, and take a journey through 45 minutes of structured chaos, ranging from incredibly brutal slams to atmospheric ambient sections.